🏬 How to open your mochi donut dessert shop?

πŸ’΅ Why buy a franchise and have to spend all the franchise fees when you can just learn and get all the needed resources from here.

You do not want to spend a monthly % loyalty fee on anyone when you have no 100% control over your business. Get what you need and on your own.

πŸ“No one will take the best care of your business like you do!
πŸ“ No one will know your area best like a local like you.
πŸ“ No one will know your customers as you.

πŸ“š Recipe, Where to buy ingredients, Operation, Where to get Equipments, Store Design Settings, Market Research, the idea of creating your own journey. We have them all here on our one-time fee consultation service. Most importantly and unlike anywhere else, you will be trained in the actual store setting.

πŸ’‘ With private consultation and 3 days of onsite training, you will learn the real things. After the training, you will be able to perform each position and finally decide whether you should put your life-saving investment into the restaurant( mochi donut dessert cafe )business. You never know what it feels like until you start doing it. Do not invest in anything that you have zero knowledge or experience of. This type of business might not suit everyone.

πŸ’I have been in this industry over 12 years. it is tough but also rewarding. Food service businesses require long hours and labor-intensive. Moreover, to make it successful is challenging. You need to consider several factors: constant products development, cost control, good marketing, excellent service, and many more things. I can share all my knowledge and experience with you. I can tell you all the things that I wish someone would tell me before I started my own restaurant business.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Lastly, I hope I could be any help for you to start your own journey. If you are ready, you can contact me at:
πŸ“±Β  Text only 732-614-9807

*The consulting is limited to the area of the store operating.